Where did i get my prom dress?

I bet everyone wants to know where I got my dress for Prom! I got it from a really sketchy website called Thisprom.com. I was super skeptical about using this site, but I felt like taking a risk. I bought last years prom dress off of a sketchy website in China as well, and it turned out perfect so I decided to do it again. The websites were different, but they have the same concept; knock off designer dresses. My dress was almost not going to come on the date that they said it would and they actually have a live chat so I was chatting with the people when they told me my dress would be here March 15th which was the day after prom. That didn’t fly too well with me… so I threw a BF (white chicks is life) and then they said my dress would be shipped out the next day. I don’t understand why they made me have a heart attack when it wasn’t necessary. Anyway, it came on the date it said it would and it looked EXACTLY like the picture. Everything about it was perfect! Execpt that since it was an open back, the back fabric was loose so my awesome boss stitched it up for me to make it tighter and more comfortable! Originally the back had a V shape, but after the alteration it was a U or a boxy shape, which wasn’t a bad change especially because it was 100x more comfortable!

Do I recommend this website?

It depends how much time you have until your event. I ordered mine a month before and it was cutting it close, so if you don’t have at least a month, I would not recommend it. I do think that they do a very good job on quality and making the dresses look exactly like the pictures. AND it’s so much cheaper than what girls usually pay for prom dresses!

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