If y’all subscribe to my Youtube Channel, you have probably seen all of the sorority recruitment videos that I have been putting out! I have gotten so many requests for an updated What To Wear for Sorority Recruitment so this time around I thought I should purchase some items instead of pulling some random pieces from my closet! I showed 2 options for each day in my video, but honestly, I didn’t think that was enough so I wanted to make this post to show you guys more examples of what you can wear each day!


This event serves to give you as much information for recruitment before heading into the week. You will get to meet your Rho Gamma (your leader) and the group of girls you will be with for majority of the week! I definitely recommend making friends right off the bat in your group– I am personally always more comfortable when I have a buddy! This event is super casual! I would wear anything that is comfortable to sit down in! I would recommend wearing comfy rompers, a cute tank top and shorts or a flowy shirt with jeans!

UCF DAY 1 & 2

So the first two days of recruitment are the most casual. Panhellenic will be providing you with shirts for these days so all you are responsible for is your shorts, accessories and shoes! You can play it safe with denim shorts or chino shorts or you can dress it up with a denim skirt or fun patterned shorts! Just make sure that your denim is neither too distressed nor too short! Wear extremely comfortable sandals because you will be doing the most walking of all the days.


This is the first day that you can wear whatever you want! I always think of this day as a sundress kind of day so light, pastel, floral rompers and dresses would be ideal! From what I recall, you are probably still limited to flats on this day, but maybe try to dress up your outfits with more accessories!

As the week goes on, the fancier it gets! I think of video day as something that you would wear to a wedding so a little fancier than a sundress, but not as fancy as a cocktail dress! Play with colors on this day and even two-piece sets. I love rompers the most though because during recruitment you’ll be sitting down a lot and sometimes it might be on the floor! On video day you can pull out your heels, but I recommend bringing a pair of sandals in your tote to put on while walking to each house!


This night is the fanciest which means you should wear cocktail attire! Some schools require girls going through recruitment to wear black, but at UCF there isn’t a color requirement. When I went through, I wore the color that suited my skin tone because I thought it would make me stand out in the sea of dark colors, but wear what you are most comfortable in! Pref day is the most popular day to wear heels, but if you are not comfortable with wearing them, just wear flats or nicer dress sandals!


You will probably only wear heels on video day and preference night and I really recommend AND STRESS that you need to find comfortable shoes that you are confident with walking in! Short block heels and flatforms are the trend right now so take advantage of these comfy options!


Just like your outfits, yaccessoriesries should start off simple and then as the week goes by, you can throw in some big statement pieces. But if you aren’t comfortable with styling accesories, find a simple neckalace and some stud earrings and just wear them throughout the whole week!

Good luck with recruitment and happy shopping! Be sure to comment which college you will be going through recruitment at!







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