What Concealer/ Highlighter should I get?

Have you been looking for a good concealer/ highlighter? Well I wanted to do a comparison for y’all because when I was looking I just automatically went straight to Mac only because I’ve heard other beauty gurus talk about the Mac Pro Longwear. I feel like I always do that, if I hear my favorite beauty gurus talk about something I just HAVE to try it out for myself. But I wish I would have gone to the drugstore first because I would have saved myself some money and time. Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind has just enough coverage, it’s lightweight and its awesome as a highlighter. The Mac Pro Longwear is a little too much coverage for me, it’s very heavy, but between the two I would say that this one has a better use for highlighting. But the Instant Age Rewind is also more easy to apply since you can twist the bottom and the concealer comes up onto a sponge. I usually then take my beauty blender and blend it out. But with the Mac Pro Longwear I have to squirt it on to the back of my hand, then dip my beauty blender into that, then blend it so it creates more mess than it should. Overall I would buy Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline!

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