Photoshoot with ShayCaptures

Sonali-129Sonali-145^^ My favorite picture from the shoot!!
Sonali-5 Sonali-148
Today I am sharing these amazing photos with you all! I felt honored when Shakira McGowan of Shaycaptures asked to shoot me! It was actually kind of weird because I have never really gotten my pictures taken by a photographer alone (I took my own senior pictures with the help of my boyfriend and a tripod).

We shot at the beautiful Baldwin Park in Orlando, Florida! I will definitely be going back next semester during my free time because they have outdoor sitting for yummy restaurants with a great view of the lake.

It was so nice to get to know Shakira and what made it even better was that she watches my videos so I asked her to give me feedback on my channel and she was very helpful.

If you are ever in the Orlando area and need pictures done, I definitely recommend shooting Shakira an email (!

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