Basic Sorority Recruitment Makeup + Pref Night Look




Unfortunately, my #HowToSororities series is about to come to an end. I have been getting an amazing responses from this content so I will definitely be continuing this series next fall! I wanted to include a makeup tutorial that is natural but will not melt in the heat of recruitment!

If you already know a lot about makeup and just want to hear some quick recommendations then watch this video!

But if you don’t wear makeup very often or don’t even know where to start, I filmed a full face makeup tutorial to walk you through the steps to achieve a natural look! By natural, I don’t mean a simple routine with BB Cream and mascara, I do use quite a bit of products! If you’re interested in seeing a more in-depth video, click here!



Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 4.25.31 PM

Ever since I started my #HowToSorority series on my YouTube Channel, I have been getting requests to show outfit ideas for recruitment week!

At my school there are 5 days of recruitment; UCF Day 1, UCF Day 2, Philanthropy Day, Video Day, & Preference Night. I put together 2 outfit ideas for each day to show you guys examples of the dress code for each day.



  • Bodycon dresses or dresses that are too tight!
  • Shorts that have too many rips or that are too tight
  • Distracting jewelry
  • Heels that are uncomfortable to walk around in
  • Bras that are not hidden or that are vibrant colors and are visible


Today’s Morning Skin Care Routine


IMG_0336-2I woke up this morning wanting to give my skin a little extra love!

First, as always, I cleansed my face with the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser using my Clarisonic! This is my favorite part of my routine because it makes my skin feel refreshed and firm.

Since I was feeling extra, I decided to put on a sheet mask, I know I know… this one says to use it at 10 pm, but it was the only sheet mask I had around. I have recently fallen in love with sheet masks because instead of most face masks that dry out your skin, these have moisturizing properties and leave your face glowing!

After I take the mask off and rinse my face, I go in with my 5 in 1 Face Cream from First Aid Beauty! This one is perfect to incorporate into your summer skin care routine because it has SPF in it!

Lastly, I put on my Rosebud Salve lip balm! I have been using this specific container since Valentine’s day and only half of it is gone which is very surprising!

If you’re interested in purchasing these products, click on the picture below!



Sorority Recruitment Makeup Tips

IMG_0137 (1)

Today I am sharing some makeup advice and tips for sorority recruitment!

When I was going through as a PNM, I was worried about my makeup melting off my face and how much I was supposed to wear! I explain all about it in my video!



30 Questions to Ask a Sister During Sorority Recruitment

12162917_10207993838029576_1933052532_o-2 (1)

12116540_10207993805388760_116397563_o-2Hey guys! Sorority recruitment is coming up and I have been getting a lot of questions to do a video about tips for holding the perfect conversation between a Potential New Member and a sister!

The biggest thing that helped me was that I jotted down questions to ask the sister just in case the sister was not asking me most of the questions. A PNM is not usually supposed to be the “question asker”, but if there is too much awkward silence, you might have to take the wheel!


  1. Why did you decide to go through recruitment?
  2. What was your favorite philanthropy that you participated in and why?
  3. Were you an in-state or out-of-state student?
  4. If they say out-of-state ask, How was the transition moving to a different state and how did your sorority help with that situation?
  5. If in-state ask, Even though you are close to home do you ever get homesick, if so how does your sorority help with that situation?
  6. Are you involved in any other organizations, if so what are they?
  7. Ask they to define terms that you are confused about, for example, What is a philanthropy event?
  8. How do you balance your time between academics, school and sorority events?
  9. What is your academic program like?
  10. Are you required to have a certain amount of study hours?
  11. Do you have a specific place for studying in the house?
  12. How much time commitment is a sorority?
  13. What was your favorite social and why?
  14. How does Greek life get involved on campus/ with the school as a whole?
  15. Why did you join this sorority?
  16. What is the best part about being in this sorority?
  17. What is the best part about being Greek?
  18. What is your sorority’s philanthropy?
  19. What are the initial steps you must take to become more involved in your sorority?
  20. What are some of the values that are associated with your sorority?
  21. How has your sorority changed you?
  22. Does your chapter plan sisterhood events? If so, what were some of your favorite?
  23. Does your chapter keep in touch with alumnae? If so, what are some events that your chapter planned with them?
  24. What was it like when you got your big?
  25. Why did you choose this university?
  26. If the chapter has a house on campus ask, Do you live in the house or do you plan on living in the house?
  27. What is your favorite room in the house and why?
  28. What makes your sorority unique?
  29. What are some of the traditions of the university that you have participated in?
  30. How much are sorority dues per semester?


  1. The four B’s: Boys, Booze, Bars & Bibles.
  2. Do not talk about another specific sorority.
  3. Netflix/ TV shows/ Movies, take advantage of the time to find out about the sorority!
  4. Don’t ask what a certain symbol means because it is probably ritual which means you will only find out once your are initiated!


How to Rock Your Hair As An Accessory


Last night was day 5 of not washing my hair and it was greasy as heck, to say the least! I wanted to try out a new braid and was inspired by Sazan Barzani’s Inatgram post of her crown braid!

I have tried this braid out multiple times before and failed! I thought it might have been because my hair is extremely thick and it was weighing down on the bobby pins, but yesterday when I attempted this braid again, it was so much different and I really believe that it was because my hair was extra dirty! Since my hair had some texture to it, it held up much better in the bobby pins and never felt like it was about to fall out!


I think this hair style is so unique that you can pair it with any outfit and let it be the star of the show! I received so many compliments about my hair and one lady even asked who did my hair and I humbly replied, “Me!”

Let me know if you guys want a tutorial on this hairstyle!

Mini Beauty Haul



Today I went to CVS and since my mom (the coupon queen) had a 25% off coupon, I decided to get some beauty/ skincare products!

  1. Biore Baking Soda Liquid Pore Cleanser: I got a sample of this inside of a magazine and when I used it, I decided I would get it when my current cleanser ran out. Of course, I couldn’t wait so I went ahead an purchased it!
  2. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Blush in Apricot KissI have been using the same blush, Nars Outlaw, for too long now, that I felt that it was time to switch it up. I have been dying to get my hands on a color like this for a natural but colorful look.
  3. Maybelline Lash Sensational MascaraThis mascara has been one of my go-to’s lately, along side the Rocket Volume Mascara. But unfortunately there comes a time when the mascara just does not perform as well as it did when you first purchased it, and that time has come. I decided to repurchase this gem because I am a big fan of the curved mascara brush!
  4. Milani Baked Bronzer in SoleilThis product has been all over my Pinterest feed lately, and I must say, it is a very picturesque! Besides that, I wanted to give this a try because of all of the great things I have heard about it. Everyday I attempt to bring out my inner sun goddess look, so hopefully this bronzer can make that happen!

That is all I got at CVS, but I thought I would share these products since I was not going to do a main video talking about them, but keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial featuring these goodies. Have you caught up on my videos? Head on over to Sonarly Life after you watch what I have been loving this past May!

Apple Watch Rose Gold Band | Amazon Finds



Hello all! I recently posted about my Trendy Marble Sunglasses from Amazon which were a dupe for Quay Australia sunnies! Today I am sharing another Amazon find!

This Rose Gold Apple Watch Band is from was a steal at $26! I got my apple watch last year close to the launch date and I was not too satisfied with my white sport band. I wanted to get another band from the apple store, but they were over $200 just for one that went well with business casual outfits.

I never really used my apple watch when I got it because I thought the white sport band made me look like I was a 2nd grader again, but now I wear it all the time because the Rose Gold Strap makes it so stylish!

When I received the strap, it was a little too big so I took it to a jewelry repair store and they took 3 links off for $10. It does come with a tool to help you take the links off yourself, but I did not want to risk messing the band up.


Victoria’s Secret Swimwear Sale!


IMG_7895-2-2Happy Memorial Day! I went shopping this past weekend and found out that Victoria’s Secret is discontinuing their swimwear (PINK is keeping theirs)! Because they are starting to focus more on their active wear, they had a 40% off sale in store!!

I have always been busty so it was never easy finding a swimsuit that supports the girls, but VS swimsuits always did the job because they have padding and underwire in them! They are on the more expensive side, but I invested in many since they fit me the best!

Definitely go in the store if you can because I am pretty sure they have a better sale than online! But if you would like to check the swimsuit out that I bought, click here!

Where To Find Trendy Marble Sunglasses | Amazon Finds

Marble sunglasses half up half down bun

IMG_9576 (1)-2IMG_9560-2IMG_8377-2IMG_6524-2


Lately I have been getting asked where I got my sunglasses and I am proud to say AMAZON! Say whaaat? Yup, I got my trendy Marble Sunglasses from Amazon for under $15! These are dupes for the Quay Australia Sunglasses Marble which are around $54! I was so amazed by the quality that I got two more additions for my sunglass collection. I ordered these Tortoise Sunglasses for around $10 and these Retro Pink Mirrored Sunglasses for around $20! I love all of these sunglasses, but surprisingly, I wear the marble ones on an everyday basis because they match with so many more outfits than the others do! Not only are these sunglass super cheap, but they also come with a hard case holder which is usually $10 itself!

If you guys have been searching for trendy summer glasses to wear in your Instagrams I definitely recommend checking amazon first for a similar style!

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