I Kall This The Khloe Kardashian


Hey guys! I wanted to share this Get The Look/ Steal Her Style post with y’all inspired by Khloe Kardashian! I am obsessed with this flannel wrapped around my waist kinda style! I wore this look to a Braves game so the colors went perfect with the colors to represent the team.

I bought these timberland boots awhile ago and I think I wore them maybe two times. I knew I couldn’t take them to Florida because it would be way to hot for that so I decided to wear them one last time (until fall)! I felt so badass in them honestly, just like Khloe!

As for where I got all of these items, my shirt is from american eagle, I literally got it my freshmen year. It’s such a comfy and simple tank but you can dress it up with accessories like I did here. My shorts are from the infamous American Eagle and my flannel is from Forever 21.

I think it’s so awesome that the trend of tying sweaters/flannels around your waist has come back because for some reason overtime I go to a Braves game it’s pretty chilly and I’m always wanting to buy a braves sweater, but they’re around $100…no thank you. So this time when I brought my flannel I didn’t feel cold!

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