Game Day Makeup


On September 3rd I went to my first college football game! I have never gone to any other school’s games just because I have always thought if I go to a game, I would fall in love with the school and then I would have to worry about whether I would get into the school. I never wanted to get my hopes up so I always stayed away from college stuff before I found out where I was going. On this day I also went to my first tailgate which was fun but at the same time a little bit awkward, just because I was so new to it all! I honestly hate football though so when it was time to actually to go into the game I was DREADING it. I do not know what’s going on ever (even though I was cheerleader for 7 years…). Over all it was an exhausting day full of sweat and more sweat.

I figured I would actually try and do my makeup for this day since I never have an excuse to! I did a makeup tutorial incorporating my school’s colors: black and gold!


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