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Photoshoot with ShayCaptures


Sonali-129Sonali-145^^ My favorite picture from the shoot!!
Sonali-5 Sonali-148
Today I am sharing these amazing photos with you all! I felt honored when Shakira McGowan of Shaycaptures asked to shoot me! It was actually kind of weird because I have never really gotten my pictures taken by a photographer alone (I took my own senior pictures with the help of my boyfriend and a tripod).

We shot at the beautiful Baldwin Park in Orlando, Florida! I will definitely be going back next semester during my free time because they have outdoor sitting for yummy restaurants with a great view of the lake.

It was so nice to get to know Shakira and what made it even better was that she watches my videos so I asked her to give me feedback on my channel and she was very helpful.

If you are ever in the Orlando area and need pictures done, I definitely recommend shooting Shakira an email (!

KrungThep Tea Time


Hello readers! I just finished unpacking everything that I brought back with me from college to my home. Before I left Orlando for the summer, I had a small bucket list and one of the things that was on it was to go to KrungThep Tea Time.

This restaurant is located in beautiful Winter Park, FL. The first time I heard about this place was actually on Instagram; one of my sorority sisters posted a picture of her tea and I immediately put this place on my “Go Just To Take An Instagram Picture” list (don’t lie, we all have one). Luckily I love tea, especially matcha tea or green tea, my mom has gotten me hooked on it ever since she has raved about all of the health benefits, so I went to have a cute little tea date with a friend… okay and the Instagram. (;

My first impressions of this place was that it was smaller than I imagined, it’s like a little white shack on the side of the road, but once you enter it is totally Instagram worthy. I heard they that had dessert, but I didn’t know they had regular food too and it ended up being a Thai place! It is a very small place so if you plan to go, go early so you will be able to sit at a table!

Whenever my parents order Thai food, they get me green curry; so I ordered it and it turned out to be a Green Curry sandwich which was super interesting and actually yummy, although it was slightly on the spicier side. I also ordered my beloved matcha green tea, and oh my gosh you guys, this tasted like cotton candy!! But one tip, don’t spend too much time taking that perfect Instagram because the ice kind of watered it down and made it not as sweet!


IMG_9232-2^^ (Thanks Marisyd for being a sandwich model) They also have this couch if there aren’t any tables!


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