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Ever since I started my #HowToSorority series on my YouTube Channel, I have been getting requests to show outfit ideas for recruitment week!

At my school there are 5 days of recruitment; UCF Day 1, UCF Day 2, Philanthropy Day, Video Day, & Preference Night. I put together 2 outfit ideas for each day to show you guys examples of the dress code for each day.



  • Bodycon dresses or dresses that are too tight!
  • Shorts that have too many rips or that are too tight
  • Distracting jewelry
  • Heels that are uncomfortable to walk around in
  • Bras that are not hidden or that are vibrant colors and are visible


Victoria’s Secret Swimwear Sale!


IMG_7895-2-2Happy Memorial Day! I went shopping this past weekend and found out that Victoria’s Secret is discontinuing their swimwear (PINK is keeping theirs)! Because they are starting to focus more on their active wear, they had a 40% off sale in store!!

I have always been busty so it was never easy finding a swimsuit that supports the girls, but VS swimsuits always did the job because they have padding and underwire in them! They are on the more expensive side, but I invested in many since they fit me the best!

Definitely go in the store if you can because I am pretty sure they have a better sale than online! But if you would like to check the swimsuit out that I bought, click here!

#OOTD Monday of Spring Break


IMG_6147 IMG_6152

On this day we first went to church so I decided to wear this spring dress with these trendy palm leaves! I got this dress at Forever 21 and the best part is that it was only $12.90! They had a whole rack of casual and printed dresses under $15 that were perfect for the spring, so naturally I stocked up on them!

Once church ended we headed over to my uncle’s new house and I was head over heels obsessed. It was so open and marble was everywhere! You can get look at it in my upcoming vlog so subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay updated!


Once we all had brunch, it was family picture time (some people’s not so favorite time).


But get excited for this week filled with pictures because my cousin is taking us around to the coolest (and most Instagrammable, of course) places!


Anniversary Outfit



On January 7th of 2016, Ryan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Ryan had this day planned for so long and would not spill a single bean of what we were doing! He told me to show up at his house at 10:30 am in a t-shirt, leggings, Uggs, and no makeup! I had a feeling we were doing something out doorsy, like hiking, but I also thought Ryan knows I want to take pictures, he wouldn’t make me show up in no makeup! So I showed up in leggings, a comfy tanks, and Uggs with makeup on (just in case).

He finally revealed that he was taking me to Lenox Mall to pick out a whole new outfit for our dinner reservation that night! I was so excited because shopping with him is one of my favorite things to do, he is by far the best shopping buddy! But I was also overwhelmed because I didn’t even know where to start! First we went to Top Shop and I saw so many gorgeous dresses, but we realized they might have been too fancy for where we were going to dinner. Then we went to Forever 21 because it’s might right hand, it’s my go to (but really)! I found this amazing chunky knit turtleneck! I was really iffy because it was about $45, but I thought it could become a staple for my winter closet! It is also on sale now for $20 so hurry and get your hands on it!

I was luckily already wearing leggings so I didn’t have to search for new pants, but my Uggs were too casual for this date, so we headed to DSW. I found my new favorite heels! I know I wanted something brown and strappy and I found these perfect Steve Maddens on sale for $60!

Lastly, he let me pick out some earrings and I knew exactly which ones I wanted! I have been eyeing these Kate Spade beauties for the longest time and I’m so happy to have a nice sparkly stud for my earring collection!



Transitioning into Fall with Flannels



I recently visited a pumpkin patch with my friends. Nope. I did not go to buy a pumpkin to carve, yup; I went to take basic girl pictures! I actually also went to film some stuff for an exciting video coming up (stay tuned)! I decided to wear a simple but cute fall outfit so that it would not over power the beautiful seasonal fruit (and yes I just googled whether it was a fruit or a veggie haha!).

I wore a comfy white v-neck shirt from Forever 21. Forever 21 is my go to for basic shirts because they are just as high quality as Brandy Mellville, but for half the cost! I wore a white bralette under from Aerie, and even these bralettes are at least half the price of Urban Outfitters! I put on my new jeans from American Eagle, and if you guys have not tried their jegging style, YOU NEED TO! If you’re more of a leggings girl, but you wear them everyday and it is starting to get old, try making the switch these comfy jeggings! I then brought a flannel with me which I got from the men’s section at Kohl’s and since Orlando is getting into that awkward stage of “it’s cold, oh wait it’s hot” I tied it around my waist. For my shoes I wore some dark heather grey socks and Timberland boots.

I think flannels are the perfect transition piece for summer into fall! Do you guys agree? Comment below and let me know some of your essentials for this bipolar weather!

Pineapple Romper Says Bye Summer




Bye bye Summer! Hello Fall! I am a little sad to see summer fade away, but moving to Orlando has made me crave the cold even more! I had a pretty awesome summer from moving away from home, meeting so many new people, and joining a sorority!

This summer, I got this adorable pineapple romper in Aeropostale in the mall in Athens, GA. I was in Athens for a weekend and didn’t have anything better to do, so I went to the mall. This mall was the most depressing mall I have ever been to because there were so many stores that closed down and so many ratchet stores, it actually reminded me of a dead flea market. I finally came upon Aeropostale which was the only store that I actually somewhat liked. It turned out they were having an insane sale and this romper costed me less than 10 bucks! (HOLLA FOR CHEAP CLOTHES)

I didn’t get to wear this romper all summer, so my roommate and I decided to have a random photoshoot because why not? My camera actually recently broke, but my awesome roommate, Lara, let me borrow hers for this photoshoot! We recently did a roommate tag on my youtube channel, so check it out here!

If you all want to see the pictures I took of Lara, check out her Instagram, because she has a sick feed, and the pictures are awesome!

Cinderella Inspired Hair & Outfit



Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you a ‘Cinderella’ inspired outfit and hair. As we all know (or you should know, that is) Cinderella’s gown was a baby blue color. I got this baby blue shirt from Forever 21. My white high waisted skinny jeans are from American Apparel. My shoes are from Charlotte Russe- these babies have been my best friends for the season of grad parties, they are surprisingly comfortable for being new. My bralette is from Aerie .

For my hair, I was kind of rushed and not feeling like straightening or curling my full head. So I decided to do a Pulled Apart Dutch Braid half up half down. Honestly I thought it looked like a 3-year old hairstyle at first, but they key to it is to “pull it apart”, meaning do the dutch braid, tie it off and then go back and just tug on every loop of the braid. This will give it a more full look and it will seem like you have thick hair ever if you don’t! Amber Fillerup taught me this trick and now I can’t do a braid without pulling it apart! It just makes it look so messy yes so elegant!

If you guys don’t know about Amber, she is an amazing blogger- by far one of my FAVORITES! She is pretty well known for her braids and you may have seen her on Pinterest in a hair tutorial! But if you ever have greasy hair, she has so many awesome braid tutorials that you can cover your grease up with!

Anyway, back on topic, I just recently watched Cinderella (the newest one) and it was so cute! Even though there are like, what? 15 Cinderella related movies..? But the story gets better every time!

Flowy Shorts ft. Gladiator Sandals #OOTD


IMG_6712 IMG_6713 IMG_6714 IMG_6715 IMG_6717 IMG_6718 IMG_6719 IMG_6723 IMG_6732

Hey guys! So I have an OOTD post for y’all today! As many of y’all know, I will be attending college in Orlando this summer so I am on the look out for comfy but not heavy clothes! These flowy shorts from Target are life savers. They feel like you are wearing pajamas and they aren’t heavy  so you won’t be super hot in them! I went a little crazy on the flowy shorts fad and got some from Target, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe! I really like to buy solid colored clothing items so it is easier to match tops and bottoms, but I realized if you have either white or black in a pattern it can be really simple to find something that goes with it! For my top this day, I wore a flowy shirt from Forever 21 on top of my bralette from Aerie. I also wore this long aztec-y necklace from Charlotte Russe. Apart from the shorts, my favorite item of this outfit has got to be these gladiator sandals! These can be a statement piece of a casual outfit, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these to an all day event especially if it is outside because you would get some funny tan lines, but they are pretty comfortable if you don’t care about that; I got these from Charlotte Russe.

Most people hate on Charlotte Russe’s shoes, but honestly I think they are really good quality for the price and they ALWAYS have a sale so I end up buying at least two pairs of shoes at a time!

By the way since many of my youtuber subscribers were asking for more outfit videos, I did upload an OOT-Week! Check it out here!

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