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KrungThep Tea Time


Hello readers! I just finished unpacking everything that I brought back with me from college to my home. Before I left Orlando for the summer, I had a small bucket list and one of the things that was on it was to go to KrungThep Tea Time.

This restaurant is located in beautiful Winter Park, FL. The first time I heard about this place was actually on Instagram; one of my sorority sisters posted a picture of her tea and I immediately put this place on my “Go Just To Take An Instagram Picture” list (don’t lie, we all have one). Luckily I love tea, especially matcha tea or green tea, my mom has gotten me hooked on it ever since she has raved about all of the health benefits, so I went to have a cute little tea date with a friend… okay and the Instagram. (;

My first impressions of this place was that it was smaller than I imagined, it’s like a little white shack on the side of the road, but once you enter it is totally Instagram worthy. I heard they that had dessert, but I didn’t know they had regular food too and it ended up being a Thai place! It is a very small place so if you plan to go, go early so you will be able to sit at a table!

Whenever my parents order Thai food, they get me green curry; so I ordered it and it turned out to be a Green Curry sandwich which was super interesting and actually yummy, although it was slightly on the spicier side. I also ordered my beloved matcha green tea, and oh my gosh you guys, this tasted like cotton candy!! But one tip, don’t spend too much time taking that perfect Instagram because the ice kind of watered it down and made it not as sweet!


IMG_9232-2^^ (Thanks Marisyd for being a sandwich model) They also have this couch if there aren’t any tables!


California Bucket List


I decided to opt out of the OOTD post for every day in Cali and instead show you all pictures from my trip by sharing my California Bucket List! We got to do almost every thing on my list which was very exciting!

    1. In N’ Out
      Even though it is a bit overrated, do it for the Insta!
    2. Lemonade
      You’ll notice that most of these are food related because west coast food is something’ else! Lemonade could get pricey if you don’t carefully look at the prices of the portions you get, but I would recommend trying the white truffle mac and cheese! I have had it 3 times just this week! They also have a variety of lemonades, my fav it the Blueberry Lemonade.
      IMG_6171 IMG_6156
    3. Take Pictures In Front of the Melrose Walls
      You may know the famous walls of LA, similar to the Wynwood Walls in Miami. They are more spread out than the ones in Miami, but the ones I went to were on Melrose! We went to the Pink Wall, Made in La Wall, and the Wing Wall!
      IMG_6328 IMG_2224 IMG_6207
    4. Lacma
      You may recognize this from many movie scenes such as No Strings Attached!
      lacma museum LA bucket list traveling california IMG_6382-2
    5. The Grove
      This is an outdoor mall and it also has a farmer’s market!
      the grove in LA california brandy mellville topshop
    6. L.A Facial
      Are you ever jealous of all of the celebrities that are able to do super cool facials all of the time? I know I am! But recently my favorite blogger, Marianna Hewitt, snap chatted her facial and said that your first time was free! It was a Laser & Light facial at Skin Laundry! It is supposed to get rid of any bacteria causing acne and tighten skin. It also evens out skin tone which i saw the biggest difference of!

      Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
      Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


    7. Live Show Taping
      You have to research about this in advance because usually it is a raffle. At least for the show we went to, my mom had to sign up and then they pick people to come. It wasn’t a high demand show so we got in pretty easily. I was so excited because I got to see CHRISSY TEIGEN live in the flesh!! I was freaking out!
      IMG_2310By the way, if you’re not following me on Snapchat, follow me! I will be snap chatting all the fun things I am going to be doing with my boyfriend this week! @sonali_prabhu
    8. California Donuts
      This is a little out of the way and in a sketchy place, but I recommend getting the bacon donut and the donut holes!
      IMG_2361 IMG_2369
    9. Urth Cafe
      If you didn’t go here when visiting, did you even really go to Cali?? We went to the Laguna Beach location, but if you go to the LA location you might just spot some celebrities!
      IMG_2847 IMG_2770
    10. Laguna Beach
      There are so many scenic beaches such as Santa Monica with it’s famous pier, but this time we went to Laguna and it was beautiful! It had rock formations along the beach so we had a little adventure climbing the rocks to the castle!
      IMG_2831 IMG_2740 IMG_2742
      To see more of my California adventures, check out my vlogs! I posted a part one.

And part two.




Brunchin’ in Style



^^Necklace from Kendra Scott, Bracelet from NakamolIMG_5341-2

^^Food just makes me happy, super happy. Anyone else??IMG_5572-2

^^ This drawstring romper is from Forever 21, it was bought awhile back, but here is a similar style.


This past Sunday, I went to brunch in Winter Park at Briarpatch. I went with some of my sorority sisters to celebrate one of their birthdays! At first I was super annoyed with their process of getting a table because unlike most, they made us stand in a line until a table was available. I thought that this made the restaurant staff stressed out and the restaurant setting very hectic and crowded. It was unfortunate because the restaurant was so beautifully decorated, but there were way too many people to enjoy it. Good news, the food was TOTALLY worth it! I ordered the California Benedict.

After we ate, we took some pictures in front of all the blooming flowers! I wore a Forever 21 romper and what makes this one unique is that it has drawstrings that are adjustable! I also wore the same wedges in my last post, like I said, I am so obsessed with them. For my jewelry, I received my Rocksbox for the month and I received three beautiful high-end jewelry pieces. I only wore two of them this day. I highly recommend this subscription box because it almost forced me to wear jewelry more because I got new pieces each month. If you guys want to try a free month of it if you use my code: sonarlyxoxo at checkout!


A Day In My Life: Miami Day Trip


Good Morning!
Usually I am not the procrastinating type, but as I am boarding a plane to St. Maarten, I realized that I never posted about my day in Miami! The weekend of November 21st was my sorority semi formal so my boyfriend flew into town and I was determined to make it a jam-packed weekend! Since I had to plan my whole day out, I wanted to try something different by writing this post in an itinerary format!

Night before- Pack up everything and put bags in the car. Make a checklist of things that you need to grab in the morning i.e. phone charger, water bottle, snacks, etc.

5:30 am- Wake up, get ready. Grab your last minute items and check your checklist AT LEAST 5 times.

6:00 am- Start driving.

9:30 am- Arrive in Miami and your first destination. We decided to go to the Wynwood Walls first.

IMG_1826 IMG_1841 IMG_1815Since we got here early, we did not have problems finding any parking, but we did have to download an app to pay for our parking; you’ll use this app more through out the day! I honestly just wanted to go here to take awesome pictures, but there are very modern hipster places to eat and little shops as well!

11:30 am- Head over to Sugar Factory. We were on the verge of becoming hangry (hungry+angry). This gave us enough time to find parking on Ocean Drive. It was very hard for us to find meter parking and most valets are $35 for the whole day.. but since we weren’t going to stay there the whole day, that was ridiculous!IMG_1785
They don’t want you to find parking, but we did. #BlessUp

12:30 pm- Eat at Sugar Factory.

I was honestly SO disappointed with the quality of the food at Sugar Factory. I have been wanting to try this place for forever! The price of the food is fairly cheap, but the way they make their money is from their over priced fishbowl drinks. The alcoholic fishbowls were around $45 and the non-alcoholic ones were $35 (like no thanks, I’ll go home and put my sprite in a fishbowl for a quarter of that price!) The waiter asked us about 4 times if we wanted a drink other than water; I would understand if he asked twice, but after that you’d think that he would get we just wanted water. I had a feeling he was trying to make the bill higher just so he could get a larger tip. Obviously, when I am 21, getting a fishbowl and taking an Instagram with it will be the first thing on my bucket list, but I did not think it was worth it to get the non-alcoholic ones.
IMG_1865While we were at ‘brunch’, an old man came to our table and handed Ryan a rose and told him to give it to me. Poor Ryan thought he was being nice, but I knew it was a scam. He asked for money and so Ryan handed him a $10 to get change and gave a $5 back. $5 for one rose?! I felt guilty holding it, but I tried to not let the scam annoy me, so I took a little phone photo shoot with my new rose gold iPhone (how fitting right?!)

1:30 pm- Visit Vizcaya. We had plans to visit the Vizcaya museum, but we decided it wasn’t worth it to drive all the way back towards Wynwood, so we skipped out on this event. But if you have the time, check it out! It is a villa that has amazing views and scenery. It has beautiful gardens to walk through and even has audio tours as this landmark has a story behind it: you can find out more here. Instead we headed towards our next destination and decided to take a nap in our car.

2:00 pm- We went inside Publix to use their bathrooms to change into our swim suits. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the best luck with weather, but decided to make the most of it!

3:00 pm- Paddle Board. I had bought a groupon to go paddle boarding for an hour for the both of us. It would have been $30 for each of us for an hour, but the groupon allowed me to buy it for $10 each! You can get the groupon here. IMG_1881

Since the rain was so bad we had to wait for more than 30 minutes to get set up, but it wasn’t so bad because I got to meet this little fellow!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.50.42 AM

^^me attempting a random yoga pose…?
Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.53.54 AM
I am SO lucky that I got it for this cheap because we ended up paddle boarding for a whole 10 minutes because the weather was getting worse, but it was fun while it lasted.

4:30 pm- Freshen up and change.

5:00 pm- Head to Lincoln Road Mall. This mall is an outdoor mall, so since it was raining it was a debbie downer, but I HAD to show Ryan this place! They do have quite a lot of higher end stores, but a girl can window show and dream, can’t she?


(Sorry Ry you just look so cute!) We also got a quick snack at Dylan’s Candy Bar where we filled up a bag full of chocolate! My favorite was the chocolate covered sea salt caramel pretzels— these were TO DIE FOR!

7:00 pm- Head to dinner to find early bird parking. Luckily for us, we did not have trouble finding parking at this time!IMG_1904

I decided to bring out my boho chic-ness so I wore a poncho inspired t-shirt dress with a silver head piece, all from Forever 21. I re-did my makeup in the car to a more bronze look. I even used my water bottle to wet my beauty blender LOL!

We went to eat at Larios on the Beach because I went here with my family when we went to Miami, and I was craving it ever since! It is definitely on the pricier side, but we decided to splurge!IMG_1920

I was in cuban food heaven! I got the chimichurri steak and Ryan got the seafood fried rice. Both of our dishes were phenomenal, but the seafood fried rice was so good and we couldn’t figure out how because it was so simple!! The sweet plantains were also yummy! Overall, I love this restaurant and I couldn’t say enough good things about it!

8:30 pm- Walk along Ocean Drive. Unfortunately, we were ready to go home, but if you have time, just walk up and down Ocean Drive to people watch!

9:00 pm- Head home. Since this was a day trip we had to drive 3 hours and 30 minutes back home so we decided to start earlier than later.

This was such a fun day and I’m grateful to have had my best friend and boyfriend to take on this adventure with me!

Hometown Cravings


I am counting down the days until I go back home, IT IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!! I am so excited to celebrate the holidays with my friends and family! One of the holidays is my birthday, it falls on November 25th and I will be turning 19! Being in college and so far from everyone that I love is hard, but it makes value the relationship more! I am missing my family more than ever and I still haven’t cured my homesickness. Whenever I visit home, I always have to schedule what I want to do while I am home because I don’t want to waste anytime! Usually when students go home for break, they crave their mom’s home cooking, which yes I do too, but I crave eating out in my hometown so much more! There are so many fabulous restaurants that I always love to go to when I am home that I actually make a list of everything I am craving so when I arrive in ATL, I can check it off of my list. If you guys are ever in the Atlanta/ Roswell area I highly recommend these places:

Umi Modern Japanese

If you are wanting to go on a date night to a fancy restaurant, I recommend Umi. Umi has a ton of sushi to pick from, but for all you sushi haters, there is other options too! It is pretty expensive, but it has also been named one of the top places to go for sushi in Atlanta! Not to mention, the ambiance is beautiful and modern! My awesome friend’s parents actually own this restaurant and she gave me a gift card for my graduation present, and I about died and went to heaven!! I really couldn’t tell you my favorite thing on the menu because everything I got was so fantastic! But I will never forget their green tea ice cream- it is out of this world! I am probably going to end up requesting this as my birthday dinner destination!


^^^ This is the Tuna Carpaccio- Yum!!

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Zinburger is a burger restaurant, and I’m not kidding when I say that every time I crave a burger, I crave the Plain & Simple Burger; lettuce, tomato, mayo- That’s it! I always like to play it safe by getting a plain burger like this, but the flavors or the beef make it taste very unique! This is the type of place where it can be cheap, if you get an entrée and water, but if you want the whole experience pick out a milkshake! I have tried Creme Brûlée and it was awesome, but my go to is the Cookies & Creme. I also LOVE their sweet potato fries, but I didn’t really care for the truffle fries. A little tip for the money savers out there, Zinburger has a happy hour Monday- Friday from 3pm-6pm where the Plain & Simple Burger is $5 instead of $9.25 and the fries are hard off!!


Flying Biscuit

Flying Biscuit is known for their fluffy white biscuits, but what is even better are their creamy grits! Every time I visit home, I never fail to grab breakfast here! In fact, last time I didn’t have time to eat their so my mom ordered me take out to take to the airport- how sweet! My mouth literally waters anytime I think about this restaurant because I die over their Heavenly French Toast! They drizzle raspberry sauce as well as honey cream glaze to make the perfect combination that will get you to order the full order instead of the half order! They have a location in Atlanta as well as Alpharetta that I know of. It’s not fancy or expensive so go in your morning sweats and enjoy some delicious breakfast!



This has been my favorite sushi restaurant for years now! Zest is not as high-class as Umi, but it is located of Canton Street which is a fabulous place to get some late lunch/ early dinner and people watch. Going here for the first time triggered my love for sushi! I am head over heels for the Yellowtail Jalapeño! It is Yellowtail sashimi over a slice of lemon topped with a sweet sauce. It’s an addicting flavor and I always ask for extra sweet sauce! I also love the super crunchy roll which is masago and crunchy flakes mixed together topped with a piece or shrimp and a teriyaki glaze, this is one of the cheaper rolls but it is SO good!


Brio Tuscan Grille

So if you’re feeling some Italian, I recommend Brio! I am all about going to fancy places and getting all dressed up, but I hate spending money on fancy food! Most of their pasta is very authentic, but I’m a simple gal so all I wanted was some chicken alfredo so I asked the waiter if I could get that because it wasn’t on the menu, and he said yes AND it was only $10!! I can never finish my pasta because I always fill up on bread, but for some reason this pasta tastes even better as left overs! I also love their Lobster Bisque which is $6.95!



The Pie Hole

As many of you know, I used to work at The Pie Hole, which is also located on the beautiful Canton Street! After being around the different kinds of delish pies for a year and a half, I am going though a little bit of a withdraw now that I am in college. One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES is the derby pie; is has chopped pecans and chocolate chips and it tastes like a Tollhouse pie! I have mastered eating this pie by microwaving it by no more or no less than 10 seconds! This makes this pie the perfect amount of gooeyness.


Tokyo Boat

I saved the most craved for last! Tokyo Boat is a Japanese hibachi restaurant where they cook in front of you! I won’t lie, the service is not all that great, BUT the food definitely makes up for it! For hibachi, this place is pretty cheap; I think it is about $16 not including drinks or tax or tip. All hibachi choices are the same price so I always get double meat of filet mignon. It comes with soup, salad, veggies, and the best part- fried rice! Tip: If you LOVE fried rice like I do, ask to get double fried rice and opt out of the soup and salad; it is an extra dollar, but it gives you some yummy leftovers! Every time I dine here I end up drenching my fried rice in Yum Yum sauce which results in weird stares from across the table.






Atlanta Food Truck Alley


IMG_3545 IMG_3542 IMG_3531 IMG_3520 IMG_3516 IMG_3511I live near Atlanta, so sometimes I go on cool adventures in Atlanta. One really awesome one was going to the Atlanta Food Truck Alley. I’m not going to lie, I did think it was kinda sketchy. Just because of the area and it just overall looked sketchy. BUT THE FOOD IS AMAZING! At least the things I got. I got the fried mac and cheese balls and the creme brulee french toast. The creme brulee french toast is to die for and I’m pretty sure it was only 10 bucks! All the food there comes in smallish portions so I shared the two with my friend so I could have a taste of more than one thing! On the way here, we also went and saw the Goat Farm from far. Some people may think it looks trashy and abandonned, but it’s the coolest place! I heard that it was closed off to the public does anyone know if that’s true? Because I want to go so badly!

Things I have been craving recently


These two dishes are some of my favorites right now. Just looking at them makes my mouth water. The Crème Brulee is from Kona Grill; I think its 8 bucks. It has a twist in it because its actually passion fruit flavored. The first couple of bites it might have a weird after taste, but then you start to LOVE it. I can’t go to Kona Grill without getting their avocado egg rolls and the passion fruit crème brulee.


The Yellowtail Jalapeno is from Zest on Canton Street. Everyone knows me as “the girl that is obsessed with Zest” or “the girl that always takes pictures of her sushi” but can you really blame me?? Sushi is too photogenic. But other than being beautiful, I always get the Yellowtail Jalapeno here because it is so refreshing and has tiny kick in it with a thin slice of jalapeno on each piece of sashimi. It is all placed on top of a lemon slice. But the best part of all, it is drizzled with some kind of sweet sauce, I usually tell them to give me a little extra sauce because it’s so good. Another roll that I love at Zest is the Yummy Roll. This is a roll that is awesome for sushi beginners because it is fried with cream cheese and salmon in the middle and comes with spicy mayo sauce!

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