Break Is Over & Life Update

Hello readers! I have been gone for awhile and I apologize, but there was some password problems and things like that, but I won’t deny that I had little motivation to do any posts. I have been dedicating most of my time towards my youtube videos, which is good and bad. I want to update this blog as much as all of my other social media even if it is a small rant or an iphone pictured post. I wanted to have this blog so I could have freedom to say whatever I wanted to and I need to take advantage of this.

I went on Spring Break recently and i went to Destin with some of my friends which was so fun! We could not have asked for better weather! And the ocean was so much fun, usually I don’t like the ocean that much, or I will jump some waves for 5 minutes and run out. But this time it was just so relaxing.

I guess the relaxing part about it was that I got into college and so I didn’t have a worry in the world. I want to do a separate post on the college I chose and why I chose it, but if you want a sneak peak you can check out my first ever Q&A video!


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