I don’t know much about Arie because I only started watching Bachelor/ Bachelorette during Sean’s season, but I’ve heard a lot of mixed feelings about him (he was a contestant on Emily Maynard’s season). My sister thinks that he is just a normal person and the reason why the franchise chose him was because the newer cast members seemed like they only wanted one thing—fame, but Arie seems to be more normal and not caught up in the Bachelor world… but I’m not holding my breath. He seems more like Sean rather than the more recent bachelors (Nick, Juan Pablo, etc.). I am going to be honest, I have kind of fell out of love with this show after Nick’s season, but hopefully Arie will be the person that makes me love the show again!

_______________________FIRST IMPRESSION OF THE CAST _______________________

  • Caroline/ Realtor: I think that she’s probably banking on that they both are realtors to hit it off.
  • Chelsea/ Real Estate Executive Assistant: I don’t love Chelsea… not giving me good vibes.
  • Kendall/ Creative Director Taxidermist: I think it’s going to be hard to relate because of her career but she seems so nice.
  • Seinne/ Commercial Real Estate Manager: She is beautiful and seems normal!
  • Tia/ Physical Therapist. Hometown: I don’t like when contestants know previous contestants because I feel like they seem entitled.
  • Bibiana/ Executive Assistant: I feel like she’s the type to just be that “best friend” in the group or the one that just sits around and gossips.
  • Bri/ Sports Reporter: She’s really sweet and won’t have a problem starting conversations with him because she’s a sports news caster which is so cool!
  • Jenny/ Graphic Designer: She seems irrelevant just because of the fact that they didn’t give her much airtime, but she seems like the type to just go with the flow of things.
  • Brittane J./ Marketing Manager: She is extra in the best way possible— like did yall see that highlight?!
  • Jacqueline/ Research Coordinator: I don’t think she will get far, she doesn’t seem very exciting.
  • Krystal/ Fitness Coach: Okay what the heck they literally gave it away that she stays awhile because they slowed everything down. Also, I don’t know if I love her… all of that was a bit too much for me, I don’t think she was super genuine.
  • Nysha/ Orthopedic Nurse: Loved her dress, but she didn’t make a good entrance there was barely any eye contact because she was just so worried that she would trip.
  • Valerie/ Server: Her dress is very interesting and not in a good way. I don’t think she will stay for long.
  • Bekah M/ Nanny: She looks like tinker bell and I am not loving it…I think she’ll regret that choker lol! But She did do something different by pulling up in a Mustang. This always makes me feel like they try too hard.
  • Jenna/ Social Media Manager: Her BROWS OMG!!! She seems super peppy like annoying peppy that would be all over him on a group date.
  • Jessica/ Television Host: A beautiful dress that makes her pop! She looks like a mom though. I actually like when they give gifts because if they do end up together, it’s cute to say you have. But the fact that she yelled “hello ladies” kinda annoying.
  • Marikh/ Restaurant Owner: Okay I’m a little biased, she’s a beautiful BROWN GIRL HELL YEAH!! To be honest I want to go to her restaurant. Not sure she will make it far, but I bet they will keep a lot of ethnic girls around just to say they have a diverse cast- harsh but true.
  • Olivia/ Marketing Associate: Not really sure because there wasn’t much air time, but I feel like she will be irrelevant as well.
  • Becca K/ Publicist: Okay this is weird… very upfront and even though its humorous I don’t think many guys would like that first impression of a girl.
  • Lauren S/ Social Media Manager: She looks like Denise Richards, very pretty! But these girls are crazy to think that he is going to “remember” them after 5 words.
  • Lauren J/ Recent Masters Graduate: She also looks old, she is only 33.
  • Lauren B/ Tech Salesperson: She’s also super pretty but omg so many Laurens!
  • Lauren G/ Executive Recruiter:  Okay I can’t keep up… but she seems like a drama starter.
  • Ashley/ Real Estate Agent: She’s very pretty, upfront but not too pushy like that was a good way to get him to remember her.
  • Britanny T/ Tech Recruiter: If you don’t know the language… maybe don’t try to impress a guy with it lol, but nice try I guess. Also, her walk up wasn’t very graceful.
  • Amber/ Business Owner: “I see a lot of vaginas and I hope I don’t see one on you” What the hell… Yeah I don’t think she will last too long.
  • Ali/ Personal Stylist: Smell check? Maybe she will be the jokester of the group, “is that not the best pit stop of your life” HA….. not funny though.
  • Annaleise/ Event Manager: I don’t love her hairstyle that she wore. She also is a little bit cocky thinking that everyone is jealous of her because she dressed up.
  • Maquel/ Photographer: Okay that hair flip down from the helmet definitely should have been in slow motion! She is gorgeous!! That dress is beautiful on her and I can see her going very far. Everyone’s super jealous of her already so I’m nervous for her to make friends, but wish her all the best. I also think that they saved the best for last!

_______________________ DURING THE SHOW THOUGHTS _______________________

Chelsea says “as much as that makes me want to feel insecure, it doesn’t”. Oh girl, we can see right through you. Chelsea is literally being so negative already like wow. Too many race jokes in one day oh lawdy. They definitely did that whole overbooking the Lauren thing on purpose. OMG Chelsea was the first one that pulled him to talk… of course. Arie is attracted to Chelsea– how do boys not see the psycho in girls! (Honestly blessed because IDK if Ryan would have ever dated me LOL).  I hate when people say “She stole him from me!” I get it that it feels that way, but that’s the point of this night. Brittany T can’t walk very gracefully in those heels. She did get the first kiss of the night though so she must be doing something right. I almost want to reach into the television and shake some sense into the girls trying to befriend Chelsea—she is bad news! Jenna is literally looking and analyzing his feet like I can tell that she is way too hyper for him. Arie said to Annaleise “We will see each other again”—what the heck that’s like promising a bid that just doesn’t sound right! Chelsea went for a second time to talk to him… she obviously is trying way too hard and also can we talk about Krystal’s face towards Chelsea LOL 59:40.


So Chelsea ended up getting the First Impression Rose which is high key annoying, but I’m excited to see how this season plays out.

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