Here we go! Week 2! I feel like my weeks go by so fast when I have a show to look forward to. I personally don’t love the first few episodes because first of all, I don’t have my favorite contestants yet and second of all, there are so many to keep track of!


_____________________ ONE-ON-ONE DATE _____________________

Becca K received the first one-on-one date card! It’s nice that none of the girls were too salty at first, everyone was pretty supportive and happy for her, which is refreshing. Arie and Becca K. arrived at a house with lobster and oysters laid out everywhere and if that wasn’t enough– she was able to get to be styled by THE Rachel Zoe!! Arie told her that she could keep all of the dresses that she tried on and then handed her a pair of Louboutin shoes! This is all so extra for the first date of the season IMO. Then she gets handed a box of diamond jewelry, damn I guess the Bachelor franchise has some money to blow! I think that they could have picked out a better dress to wear for tonight. Of course, they end the night with a rose, I mean how can ya give a girl all of that and not give her a rose too?!


_____________________ANOTHER ONE-ON-ONE DATE?! _____________________

Krystal was chosen for this date, aka the girl that gives me bad vibes. I just think she is a little fake and tries to be super spiritual, but it seems like a facade. She said she didn’t want to gloat about the date, but did y’all see the way she walked out of that room?!

Arie told her that she was going to his hometown, Scottsdale, AZ. I’d be a little weirded out if on our first date he took me around his hometown like I don’t think it’s THAT deep yet. Arie showed Krystal all of his childhood memories through home videos which is sweet and all, but when is he going to ask about her– it’s a two-way street. OMG he took her to meet his parents, NOT A GOOD IDEA, Arie! I can see crazy in her eyes and I don’t think she’ll be here for long. I have a lot of questions about her story of her brother and how she found out he was living on the streets for 9 months. Was she not in contact with him for that long/ did she not see him? I remember when Bachelor used to get people to sing that were actually known, but I guess it’s good exposure for newer artists! All of the girls were asking Krystal how the date went and when she was being vague, they called her shady. Honestly, I feel both sides of this– it would make me uncomfortable to tell someone about a date I had with the same guy they are dating, but I’d also want to know all to every detail!


_____________________ GROUP DATE _____________________

On the group date, the girls were required to design their own cars with spraint pray and race them around the track. Annaleise was the first one to cry– she was being so dramatic and saying that she had bumper car trauma… is that a thing?! I get it, crashing a car is my worst nightmare (knock on wood), but still, the way she described it was a joke! Seinne took home the trophy of the Bashelor Demolition Derby! Bibiana starts to cause drama–what a shocker (not)! She didn’t want to talk to Arie because she was over waiting for time to talk to him, but what did she expect before this show?! These slow mos of kissing scenes make me high key uncomfortable like they do not need to show it for a whole 7 seconds!


_____________________ COCKTAIL PARTY _____________________

The night started off with awarding Britanny T. with a certificate for going all out at the Demolition Derby. Krystal then talked to Arie even though she already has a rose. Then she interrupted Bibiana again which got her super fired up.


_____________________ ROSE CEREMONY _____________________

Bibiana received the final rose after she was being a total drama queen, I guess this will make for more entertaining episodes in the future, but I was ready for her to go. When Jenny realized she didn’t get a rose, she didn’t even have the gut to say bye to Arie, she walked right past him, which was very petty.



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