Welcome to my blog! I am honored that you want to learn more about me! For starters My name is Sonali Prabhu. I am 18 years old and currently attend University of Central Florida as a freshman majoring in Radio/ Television Broadcast and minoring in Entrepreneurship.

I first started blogging in early March of 2015, and even though there is still many things to learn about the Blogging World, I’m ready for it! I first started making a name for myself when I created my first Youtube video back in 2013. I have always loved fashion and makeup and after I received many comments about my outfits and beauty routine on my Instagram and Twitter, so I decided to inform others through Youtube videos! I then realized that everyone has different platforms they like, either videos or textual content, so I decided to start blogging about what I love!



What kind of camera do you use?

– Canon 70 D with a Sigma 30mm f/1.4. If you’re looking to get a camera always remember that you can buy the body of the camera and get a totally seperate lens because most of the time kit lenses aren’t the best.

What ethnicity are you?

– I am Indian!


Partnerships and Features

41 Winks

I created a video and wrote a post showcasing some throw pillows and a throw blanket from the 41 Winks line. These bed accessories are very high quality and help to give my room a more vibrant personality.

Greek Life Threads

I mentioned this Greek licensed business in my vlog and my blog post where I sported the comfy set of letters on the airplane.

Cait Marie of ARTicles of Clothing Blog

I worked with Cait Marie, an established fashion and lifestyle blogger, to help her create a Youtube channel. I gave her the ins and outs of the Youtube World while also filming and editing her first three videos (Day to Night Makeup, Activewear Essentials, 3 Hairstyles for Summer). I also featured her and our day together in Athens in a Day in my Life post.

Campus Celeb on Her Campus UCF

I was honored to be featured as the campus celeb of my college on Her Campus! This website has recently been a favorite of mine; I visit it to read fun articles to fill my free time.

Interview with Sparkle, Style & DIY

I was featured on one of my subscriber’s blogs where she asked me a bunch of fun questions for her readers to get to know me!


I helped promote an awesome campaign to empower my peers and to share the love with my readers.

Shay Captures Photoshoot

I was featured on Shakira’s Instagram and Facebook site with my pictures from our photoshoot.

Pool Candy

I featured their unique pool floats and waterproof speakers in a summer themed video as well as holding a giveaway on my channel with their products.


Greek Life Threads

“We reached out to Sonali for a collaboration through her Youtube Channel and Instagram. They are both very active amongst the individuals we were looking to reach. Sonali gave a very in depth and honest review of our products, spread between her channel, Instagram, and blog. We are looking forward to more collaborations in the future!”

-Randy Rataj, Social Media Marketer of Greek Life Threads

41 Winks

“We loved collaborating with Sonali to showcase our 41 Winks fashion bedding. Her filming and photography skills brought life to our brand and products. Sonali’s work showcased our merchandise in a fresh and fun way, which is so important to capture the attention of this demographic. As a young entrepreneur, she was impressively professional to work with, and we would do so again in a heartbeat!”

-Olivia White, Creative Director of 41 Winks

Cait Marie of ARTicles of Clothing Blog

“When I first connected with Sonali, I was immediately impressed by her social media presence and following, particularly on YouTube. I enlisted her to help me launch my YouTube channel in 2014, and since then, she has helped me produce three YouTube videos. During our work together, Sonali was a take charge director and brought a fun energy to the shoot. Sonali is wise beyond her years and, in my opinion, represents the future of social media. She’s innovative, committed to her brand, and confident yet humble.”

-Cait, NYC-based Writer, Stylist, & Founder of ARTicles of Clothing Blog


“Everything you’re doing seems like a big shout-out for the Share Love campaign; a perfect match. Thank you so much for featuring it on your blog and the terrific photographs with the Share Love cards. Your beautiful words truly captured the meaning of this social media campaign. Everyone wants to be loved, but so many people are missing it in their lives. The love you are sharing with the world is impacting and uplifting more people than you can even imagine. Keep up the great work!”
-Sheryl Kurland, The Relationship Insider, Founder, “Share Love” Campaign
“Having the opportunity to work with Sonali was amazing! Right when I met her, she was super sweet and her honesty was refreshing. Working with YouTubers and models has always been a dream of mine and I am forever thankful for Sonali giving me this opportunity. I cannot wait for our next collaboration and I know she will go far in this world!”
– Shakira (Shay) McGowan, Orlando Photographer
“We’re so happy we reached out to Sonali! She was such a pleasure to work with and gave an honest review of our products! She was very personable and easy to communicate with, and it was an honor to have someone like her associated with our brand! We look forward to collaborating with her in the future!
-Brooke Samole, Brand Associate, B&D Group