A Few of My October Favorites

I have been loving these products recently, so I thought I would do a wrap up of some of my October Favorites! Also check out my latest blog post about #ShareLove!
So first off is my newest mascara! This Lash Extensions Kit is from Physicians Formula. I first applied the mascara and then went in with the extensions and applied more of the mascara on top. I personally thought the extensions were super weird at first because it’s like you’re putting minuscule pieces of fur onto your lashes, but it made such a big difference!! I actually did a mini review in one of my latest makeup looks so check it out! This product was $15.00 and I think it was very reasonable considering it was lengthening and volumizing all in one!

IMG_0426-2I can not get over this product. This is the Becca Blotting Powder Perfector and it costs $38.00. Obviously it is a little pricey, BUT IT IS FABULOUS! I apply this powder right after I put on my foundation. This makes my skin feel baby butt smooth and it also sets my foundation quicker, instead of waiting for it to dry. After I contour and highlight, I usually go back in with this powder, but this time only putting it on the places I highlighted. Putting this right under the contour of the cheek bones makes it look much more sharp! If you were just going for a natural makeup look that day, I would opt out of the highlight and just set your foundation. I also think this is such a sleek and compact product to put in your purse to touch up and stay matte through out the day!

IMG_0431-2Last but definitely not least, is the NYX Wonder Stick. This product is $12.00 and I think it is underrated! I usually only use the contour side and apply this to the hollows of my cheeks, under my chin, and around the top of my forehead. I don’t use this to contour my nose just because the applicator is very large, so it is hard to apply to such a precise and small area. This product can either be used in a natural or glam look; it is easily buildable and thats what I love about it! When I am going for a natural look, I will do one layer everywhere, but for a glam look, I will add a couple of more layers by going back into the hollows of my cheeks but stopping about where the tail of eyebrow is. This gives my contour a more ombre and natural, but glam, look!

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