A Brandy Melville Look a Like T-shirt Dress

If you could spend less money and get a product that was the same if not better than what you originally saw, why wouldn’t you get it!? These Brandy Melville t-shirt dresses are so popular that they have become “basic” (I hate that word. I will have to rant about that one later). Brandy Melville is known for their soft apparel, but is also known for their hiked up prices. You would think that a measly tank top would be 4 bucks, maybe 8 bucks at most, but nope Brandy’s are over $20. I am the kind of girl that can’t get herself to spend a lot on clothes so for a tank, that’s a bit much. I have tried these t-shirt dresses on, and yes they were soft and I was so close to buying it just because they were so in, but I realized it wasn’t worth it. Later I was online shopping on the Forever 21 site (my all time favorite store) and I found a dress that looked really similar to the one at Brandy Melville, but cheaper! Brandy’s was $22 and Forever 21 was $14.90! When I got it I was surprised about how soft it was just like the Brandy one!! My dress that I have right now is not the same exact one in the picture, but it’s the same price. I actually like this one better because mine has graphic art on it that says “Killin’ It 00” so if I had the choice at the time, I would have bought the plain one, but the graphic art adds to the “Brandy look”.

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