Hey guys!! I am back and badder than ever (hence the really funky-me-trying-to-model pictures lol). Last semester I was lucky enough to help one of my sorority sisters out with a Jessica Simpson On Campus event, in return I was allowed to pick out two jeans, a bag, two tops and more! IT WAS CRAZY I did not know I was going to get so many free clothes!!

My favorite thing I received were these black jeans! I have always wanted a pair of edgy black jeans, but since I thought I would never wear them I didn’t want to spend money on them. But since these were free, I decided to try them out! I can not tell you guys how much I love these jeans!! They are super stretchy so they are my go to pants in college especially because they almost feel like leggings. I can’t find the exact ones online, but these are the fit of them.

What brand are y’all’s favorite pants?