Bye bye Summer! Hello Fall! I am a little sad to see summer fade away, but moving to Orlando has made me crave the cold even more! I had a pretty awesome summer from moving away from home, meeting so many new people, and joining a sorority!

This summer, I got this adorable pineapple romper in Aeropostale in the mall in Athens, GA. I was in Athens for a weekend and didn’t have anything better to do, so I went to the mall. This mall was the most depressing mall I have ever been to because there were so many stores that closed down and so many ratchet stores, it actually reminded me of a dead flea market. I finally came upon Aeropostale which was the only store that I actually somewhat liked. It turned out they were having an insane sale and this romper costed me less than 10 bucks! (HOLLA FOR CHEAP CLOTHES)

I didn’t get to wear this romper all summer, so my roommate and I decided to have a random photoshoot because why not? My camera actually recently broke, but my awesome roommate, Lara, let me borrow hers for this photoshoot! We recently did a roommate tag on my youtube channel, so check it out here!

If you all want to see the pictures I took of Lara, check out her Instagram, because she has a sick feed, and the pictures are awesome!